hoax music

in search of a lost melody

Marcin Jaskowski - Hang @ Studio PWr from Jedrzej Borowski on Vimeo.

Music - Marcin Jaskowski
Video - Jedrzej Borowski
Sound - Jedrzej Borowski & Pawel Dracz

Recorded 2/21/14 at the Wroclaw University of Technology Studio

This is a video from a recording session I did back in february with a street musician I found playing in an underground pass in Wroclaw. It yielded over 40 minutes of solid ambient hang-drum music, which will be released as a download and possibly self-released CD sometime this month. We had a blast working together, it was a learning experience for both me and Marcin (the musician)

Recording used in this video was made using a stereo pair of Shure SM81 mics and a Sontronics cardioid condenser to collect some ambience from the middle. It was mixed and mastered in Reaper, using simple processing with Waves plugins (just some EQ, compression and reverb).

Video was shot using a single Canon D600 with a Canon 50/f1.4 lens.


Warming up

revisiting old ideas

…with new to come?


An ambient drone/pad thing.